What is News Marketing?

"News Marketing" is a term we coined to describe our process. News Marketing is a content marketing strategy focused on the creation, promotion and visibility of your news.

icon-clusterWhy News?

News rises above all other forms of content in its ability to reach customers and increase online visibility. Consider the following.  

Our Approach 

It all starts with a story. We champion companies that are actively creating newsworthy events, yet are ignored by mainstream media outlets. After a brief interview, your company is matched with one of our journalists who will research and write a news feature highlighting your company or organization, product or service.

Once we have a story, the news marketing fun begins. We use a variety of organic and paid content marketing strategies to "market" your news. Our team of content marketing experts has a proven content marketing track record. We have driven millions of unique pageviews for clients. That expertise is helpful in identifying new and innovative marketing opportunities.

We have identified an online marketing vehicle that is essentially broken for traditional advertising but provides us a direct path to your customers.

Antioxidant Packs

Each news feature that we publish includes a base distribution to get things started. You decide how much marketing you want to put behind the story. Cranberry Antioxidant Packs increase the life and improve distribution of your news. 

Properly Aligned 

Our process uniquely aligns our interests with your success. Since we publish the news on Cranberry, the better we do in marketing your content the better our combined visibility.