News Crafting - Rethinking Journalism

The Cranberry News Crafting process is so different from traditional journalism models that it warrants some explanation.

Every day there are thousands of stories that deserve to be told and yet go unreported. It is admittedly easy to post news to a blog or newsletter. But gaining the credibility that comes from researched and reported news is hard in the highly competitive media landscape.

Cranberry champions those unreported and under-reported stories.

1. Free Consultation

Once a story has been identified we schedule a brief consultation. (If we do not find you first, you can tell us about your story.) It is important that we clearly understand your objectives. We will develop your news strategy at this time.

2. News Crafting

Once we understand your objectives and the story opportunity, we hire a NewsCrafter to research and write a news story. Our NewsCrafters are experienced journalists who are managed by experienced professionals.

3. Your Approval Required

Before we proceed with publication you will be sent an advanced copy. We ask that you review the story for accuracy only. Content and style are generally not subject to review as each story is crafted for marketability.

What should you expect?

Our NewsCrafters will write a story that features your company and your announcement. The context of the story is up to the journalist that is writing the article. The story may simply feature your company or it may feature your news within the context of a broader feature that covers your industry, product or service category.

What you should not expect?

We are not a press release company. We write news and features, not press releases.

After the News Crafting

After we have a news story, we start our News Marketing.